The Tibetan Jewish Youth Exchange (TJYE) was established to enhance the cultural identity of both Jewish & Tibetan youth through informal education & to forge links between the Jewish & Tibetan diaspora communities. We actively help these communities' youth movements to empower young people, that they can become leaders & make a difference. This blog will record the continuing work of the project's volunteers, including Jewish volunteers in India & Tibetan leaders on exchange in the UK.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Started seminar today with two sessions for Phantok and Namsay. First went through hopes, fears and expectations on the roof, in Nick's Kitchen (sounds familiar, Ruth and Clare?). Some main themes were recurring: attendance, relevance, hand-over to the new workers, possible burn-out and boredom. So we made a list of things we can do to make it work - like keeping each other in touch about absence and aiming to participate fully in every session. I also came up with the idea of 'game vouchers'. N & P get three each and can use one any time to request an emergency game.

Second session I told them to imagine I was the new Longsho president who nevertheless knew absolutely nothing about Longsho or Tibetan society. I gave them 45 minutes to prepare a presentation on all issues: history, purpose, stakeholders, structure, achievements, resources and issues. Longsho in a nutshell - very useful for me and hopefully for Phantok too as he prepares to write a Longsho report for various stakeholders. My questions and our discussions went on a bit long. Both N and P complained it had dragged.

Namsay can't make tomorrow or the next day as he's attempting to get his motorcycle back from the police station. Don't ask. So Phantok and I are looking at how to write a report. Ideally, we'll have something to show for it all by close of Wednesday. Optimistic, I know, but I think we can produce it, certainly before the end of the week. It's an absolute priority - I know the funders would really like to see something.


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