The Tibetan Jewish Youth Exchange (TJYE) was established to enhance the cultural identity of both Jewish & Tibetan youth through informal education & to forge links between the Jewish & Tibetan diaspora communities. We actively help these communities' youth movements to empower young people, that they can become leaders & make a difference. This blog will record the continuing work of the project's volunteers, including Jewish volunteers in India & Tibetan leaders on exchange in the UK.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

All the Longsho leaders are back from camp, which was very successful, and we started seminar today. Phantok and I are running it for more people than I expected. The guy from Darjeeling couldn't make it, but there are two Dickyiling leaders here and four or five from Dharamshala. As far as I'm concerned, it's a good thing. It means more trained people around the office and ensures the knowledge isn't concentrated in the hands of a few on whom everyone else has to depend. Sessions today were on hopes, fears and expectations and getting an overview of the regions. They're going to give short presentations on their respective regions in just an hour from now.

The last few days I've also edited the first few pages of the report Phantok's started. Just checking the English and expression really - it's still his work.


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