The Tibetan Jewish Youth Exchange (TJYE) was established to enhance the cultural identity of both Jewish & Tibetan youth through informal education & to forge links between the Jewish & Tibetan diaspora communities. We actively help these communities' youth movements to empower young people, that they can become leaders & make a difference. This blog will record the continuing work of the project's volunteers, including Jewish volunteers in India & Tibetan leaders on exchange in the UK.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Thursday and Friday went so much better. Sessions were on the idea of setting up a Longsho board of trustees, what funders want and how to approach them, and writing reports. The board of trustees session led to another constructive discussion. But the feel of the sessions themselves were really positive. I used some more typical youth movement approaches: more games & more interaction, and trying to draw conclusions out via questions and personal examples, rather than imposing the answers on them myself.

I was supposed to meet all the participants on Sunday for a trip together to a swimming pool, but I've got a bit ill, flu and a dodgy stomach so I told Phantok I wasn't coming. I took him through the plans for today's session on time management - quite a strong programme, taken mainly from the World Union of Jewish Students website - in case I was too ill to run it. Afraid I did need the extra day to recover, so trusting all went well. Am hoping I'm going to be well enough for tomorrow and the rest of the week.


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