The Tibetan Jewish Youth Exchange (TJYE) was established to enhance the cultural identity of both Jewish & Tibetan youth through informal education & to forge links between the Jewish & Tibetan diaspora communities. We actively help these communities' youth movements to empower young people, that they can become leaders & make a difference. This blog will record the continuing work of the project's volunteers, including Jewish volunteers in India & Tibetan leaders on exchange in the UK.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hello there, it's Rich. It's the day before me and Char go off to Kalimpong and i'm just trying to figure out how to use this blog thing! Sorry for submitting this but thought it would be good to know what we are doing before we go. Preparations are going well...can't wait to get out there!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey charlotte and rich, it's know...your favourite madricha?! Anyway, i'm in Kolkatta and i was very suprised to find out you were relatively close! When you in Darjeeling until? I'm around til the 4th September and was thinking of coming up there the week before i leave so it would be good to see you both too. Anyway, email me at and i'll let you know my plan nearer the time. Hope you're having an amazing time, A xxx

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